Authentic Gourmet Foods & Cooking School

 Mama Galloni's 

"Thank you for holding the pasta class!  You made making pasta fun & easy.  Thank you for welcoming me into the family!"
Jan Porter   ~2014~
"Thank you so much for sharing your home and your knowledge of the art of pasta.  It's been a fantastic experience and I'll always remember the friendships with my classmates."
Bob Simmons   ~2012~
"An absolutely amazing class that makes strangers into life-time friends.  I've learned so much and will pass on all I've learned to my family to enjoy for years to come.  Everyone should experience Betty's School of Pasta!  I'll never forget you and Keri...need to attend the cookies & candy class!"
Connie Casagrande   ~2012~
"Hospitality, knowledge & a general great experience is what these 4 weeks are.  You both are so helpful to help us be the best we can and learn as much as we can.  It has been a memorable & invaluable experience.  I love you both."
Mari Taipinian   ~2011~

"What a wonderful class.  It was so much fun learning, cooking & eating.  We made new friends and Betty and Keri taught us so much.  What more can we ask for... good friends, great food and super teachers.  Can't talk enough about it.                                  Judy Gearing  ~2010~

"I've been eating Italian all of my life...but, sorry Mom, never better than here.  Thanks for all the good food and recipes."
Richard DeStefano   ~2010~
"This class has truly been something I have looked forward to for so very long and it has been everything I could dream.  Every bite I put into my mouth put a smile on my face, not to mention how wonderful your family is.  They keep the class fun, exciting and upbeat.  I can't wait for your store to open as it is sure to be nothing less than successful.  Thank you for everything :) ."
Christina Radcliffe   ~2013~
"So much more than I could have hoped, educational and soooo delicious!  I look forward to passing my new cooking savvy on to my daughters...and hopefully someday my grand daughters.  Thank you both!"
Maryanne Call    ~2012~
"This has been such a wonderful experience that we will look back on with fondness.  All three of you should be so proud of what you have created here!!  Thank you for welcoming us into your family and treating us like one of your own"
Michael and Stephanie O'Donnell   ~2014~

​" You made my day yesterday.  Your shop brought back some wonderful memories of my Nonni.  The garlic macaroni pie I bought was just as I remembered.  Even my 15 year old enjoyed it and she is the pickiest of eaters.  My veggie salad and broccoli salad were great as well.  And, I needed a quick dinner as well so the gnocchi's and sauce did not last long.  All I can say is Delizioso!!!!!!" ~2014~

"Had a great Date NIght at Mama's last night!  Made some delicious pasta & had so many great laughs!  Awesome idea for a night out!  The family took such great care of us!  Thank you all soooo much!  Can't wait to do it again!"
Jennifer Blanchette ~2015 ~

"We want to give a big BRAVO to the Mama Galloni family, the food at Mom's 80th birthday could not have been more perfect!!!  You made her day even more special!  So happy with your personal attention, and the quality was outstanding...the antipasto platter was best we have ever seen!!  The roasted veggies...the eggplant rollinitini...ziti chichen and broccoli...soooooo gooood!  Rave reviews from the Forgues Clan!"  Theresa Couture ~2015~

​"You can't do better than Mama Betty's Italian cooking!  This wonderful lady cooked my rehearsal dinner AND wedding meal for 315 guests many years ago and people still rave about it!  You won't be sorry if you try this place!"
Ruth Di Lorenzo ~ 2015 ~

"Wonderful pasta, warm-hearted family!  Looked forward to it every week and will do it again!  Thank you!
Jessica Bartlett   ~2013~